Saturday, October 29, 2011

Molly's Monster

Another one from the The Big Book of Knitted Monsters for Molly, sister of Harry who got the Dress-Up Box Monster back in June.

This is Leila and Lydia, the Mamma and Baby Monsters.   

As you can see, they are a bit cute :)

There was supposed to be another baby in the other pocket (Lucas, I believe...) but I liked the idea of one better, so that the other pocket could be for whatever other treasures it was necessary to carry around.  Plus the baby can be swapped between pockets etc.

I am not sure what they will end up being called yet, but the little lady recipient is already sleeping with Mamma monster next to her and Baby monster clutched tightly in her hot little hand.

Again, both toys were easy to knit and the instructions were mostly pretty good.  I get a bit annoyed when a book specifies a particular technique and don't detail how-to (in this case, the three needle bind-off) but generally these are a great knit and definitely a hit :)

One monster to go (this family has three kids)!!

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